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Dogs on the Dock


Join us for the 10th Annual Dogs on the Dock festival! Register your pup to jump, or join in the costume contest. We’ll be there cheering everyone on and representing our hospital. Come out to join the festivities and be amazed by our canine jumpers!

Red Moon Festival


Red Moon Festival
Saturday September 6, 2014
6pm – 9pm

Congratulations to Dr. Olson and Dr. Nunez who will be speaking as Honorary Co-Chairs at the Middlesex Community College’s Red Moon Festival! The festival will be held Saturday September 6, 2014 from 6pm-9pm. The event benefits the programs and students of Middlesex Community College and we invite you all to join! There will be live music and local beer and wine.

For more information or to register a spot click here.

Veterinary Technology Program – Fall 2014

Pieper and Vet Tech Flyer

Pieper Memorial and CVVA are excited to collaborate with Middlesex Community College in their Veterinary Technology Program!

Starting this fall, students in the Veterinary Technology program at Middlesex Community College will work with clients and pets at Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center and Pieper-Olson General Practice.

Hospital staff will take on an active role in training up-and-coming veterinary technicians. VetTech students are present, supervised, learning, and adding extra attention to the needs of clients and their pets.

The Veterinary Technology Associate Degree program is offered in collaboration between Middlesex Community College & the Pieper Veterinary Hospitals. General education courses are held at the College, while those courses requiring specialized laboratories, equipment, and hands-on practical experience are held are held in the hospital setting.

Visit MxCC Program Page
Dr. Steven Levy, VMD
Program Coordinator of Veterinary Technology Middlesex Community College
(860) 343-5769

Our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Wolcott Veterinary Hospital, we accecpt your ALS Ice Bucket Challenge nomination. Unfortuntley, due to staffing we are unable to complete the challenge until Wednesday, August 27th. Because of the delay we will also be donating to the cause.

Stay tuned for the video!


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August 2014 Gather and Grow

For our veterinary partners and their staff

Join us this for a new Gather and Grow Series!

Tuesday, August 19 2014
Kurt Oster, MS, SPHR
Customer Service Redefined for Today’s Veterinary Market:
It Takes More Than Just Smiling When You Say Hello

To RSVP please call (860) 347-8387
Or email

May Gather and Grow

Join us for our Gather and Grow this month!

May 28th, 2013; Dr. Devon Spencer

Cranial Cruciate Ligaments, the Next Chapter: Rehabilitation

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April Gather and Grow

Join us for our Gather and Grow this month!

April 23, 2013; Dr. Jennifer Lansdowne

Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment Options

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