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Breaking Ground!


It’s just a pile of dirt now, but it is destined to become state of the art surgical suites with 10 surgery tables, several classrooms and wet labs for the Middlesex Community College Veterinary Technology students, and a cafeteria and lockers for the staff of Pieper Memorial and Pieper Olson.

Stay tuned more photos to follow!




We wanted to share a beautiful testimonial from Alison and Chris Breen. These stories — our patients and the people who love them are the reason we work in the veterinary field. Connecticut Valley Veterinary Associates and Pieper Memorial staff appreciates the thankful words.

Dr. Olson/Dr. Nunez:

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for investing in your practice to make it what it is today. I remember the practice before it became a specialized care center and we are lucky to have access to such resources in Middlesex County.

Our yellow tab, Stanley, has been a patient in the Portland office for the last ten years. In June of 2014, Dr. Kearl noticed what could potentially be an enlarged lymph node in Stanley’s neck. At a follow up visit a few weeks later with Dr. Gustavson, he confirmed the enlargement and performed a biopsy. He assured us that he would call as soon as the results came in and he would have a plan ready. The test came back positive for lymphoma, and he was able to set up an appointment with Dr. DeRegis the same day which ultimately lead to his first Chemo treatment that afternoon.

Thanks to your leadership and strategic vision, there were experts within a 20 minute drive that were able to provide treatment to Stanley that subsequently gave him 10 additional months with us.

When Stanley began to have mobility problems, the expertise of your staff was again called upon through Dr. Hammond, Dr. Spencer and Dr. Chant. Dr. Hammond’s extensive knowledge helped pinpoint Stanley’s problem and his kind/gentle approach with our dog was greatly appreciated. Dr. Spencer’s exercise plan helped Stanley maintain the independence he needed to continue to the daily tasks he enjoyed: walks, rides in the car, claiming the couch as his own. Dr. Chant’s acupuncture procedures were amazing! I continue to rave about her services and the improvement seen in Stanley’s mobility.

Equally as important to us was the kind and compassionate reception staff at all of the facilities. They were overly accommodating to Stan’s quirks, particularly his aversion to tile and linoleum flooring. They would often offer to find carpets or blankets to lay out for him when they saw him coming through the door, and always allowed us to get him settled before requiring paperwork or payment for services. As an aside, he took well to the remodeled floor at the Portland office. I think the texture on the flooring helped©.

I also wanted to bring your attention to one final detail: Words cannot describe the patience, compassion, caring nature, and professionalism Elisa Labash exhibited with Stanley (and us)! When Stanley started to have some mild negative consequences after his therapy sessions, she took to experimenting with different techniques in order to find the right program that would allow him to be comfortable yet continue to receive the benefits of the sessions. For as anxious as he was about certain things, he was measurably less so when she worked with him. I am not sure what training is required to perform rehabilitative services but she has certainly mastered the techniques and further compliments her knowledge with kindness and compassion. From our viewpoint, she is an invaluable component of your Physical Therapy team and should be commended for her exceptional work ethic!

Thank you both again for the services you provide and continue to develop all in the interest of our furry friends. While we cannot say for sure whether or not we will have pets in the future, you can both be assured that if we do we will certainly seek out the expertise and professionalism of Connecticut Valley Veterinary Associates!

With warm regards,

Alison and Chris Breen

Additional Testimonials

“We cannot thank them enough for their great work, how friendly the staff is, and Dr. Hammond for being available and thorough!” -Zoila

“They always take good care of our babies :)” -Valerie

“They were quick, professional and very friendly.” -Amy

“If you’re a dog parent, a veterinary oncologist is someone you hope you never have to meet, but if you do, you want someone who is terrific, and Dr. DeRegis and the staff at Pieper are definitely that.” -Emily

“It’s important to keep in mind the high care standards that are needed especially in all the newest techniques/medicine for our fur children. I am so glad it’s Pieper-Olson. Our dachshund had needed his second immediate emergency back surgery so we needed to seek out immediate care and have the surgery right away. This is the point, there was no hesitation with this outstanding vet hospital on what was needed and it was emergency care that was provided and surgery was performed as quickly as possible. The doctors we had are excellent especially Dr. Cohen, Dr. Hammond. The technician staff are excellent with before and post-op care and comfort and show devotion and love for your fur children. From the first step in the door until leaving, we were comforted and cared for with the utmost professional manner. I would want this care for myself. Five stars, awesome, for fantastic care and this should be viewed as a model hospital. IF there is something that wasn’t right, I would have said it here, for five days we had the best care you could imagine, and even afterwards, or anytime, you could call for assistance with friendly, loving staff.” -Roxann

Connecticut Veterinary Technician Symposium

Connecticut Veterinary Technician Symposium

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

The Symposium is open to all credentialed technicians, non-credentialed technicians, and veterinary assistants. Our program will feature two eight-hour lecture tracks, ensuring every registrant will always have a topic of interest available. For those looking for a more hands on experience to hone their technical skills, choose from either dentistry or advanced catheterization wet labs. Lectures will be held on the Middlesex Community College (MxCC) campus located at 100 Training Hill Road, Middletown, CT. Wet labs will be held at Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center located at 730 Randolph Road, Middletown, CT. Registration includes continental breakfast and lunch.

Registration is now open! Connecticut State Veterinary Symposium Registration Form 2015

Registration rates are as follows:

Registration: $75

Additional fee for each wet lab: $30

Tech Symposium Schedule 2015
Tech Symposium Sponsor Banner 2015

Relay For Life Dog Wash


Come out Sunday May 31st for the Relay for Life Dog Wash!

$10 baths, $5 nail trims at the Durham Public Library from 10am-2pm.
The Dog Wash supports Team Melissa, in memoriam of a Melissa Konecy Albin, a beloved member of the Pieper Memorial and Pieper Olson community. We hope to see you there!

Veterinary Sales Tax

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 2.44.20 PM

Adverse New Veterinary Service Sales Tax

Please contact your state representative regarding the possible new sales tax of 6.35% on all veterinary services. The sales tax will impact affordability of pet care by financially challenged pet owners and will lead to less than optimal veterinary care for many of our patients. Contact your representative today! For a letter to send to your state representative. Download our PDF here.

How much will the tax be?
The current sales tax in Connecticut is 6.35%. The proposal would lower the overall state tax down to 5.85% for all sales tax including veterinary services. However they will also add a 0.50% municipal sales tax which will bring the overall sales tax burden back to 6.35%. The legislature is saying they are cutting the state sales tax but are not mentioning the new municipal tax that cancels out the cut.

What can I do about this?
There are multiple ways you can have your voice heard and it critically important that you take a few minutes to reach out to legislators. This bill is expected to pass unless enough people speak up about it. Do not wait to take action, as it appears the legislature may try to push this proposal through quickly.
Action that you can take:
1. Contact your state legislators, both where you live and work. They are the ones who will have to vote on the bill and your voice should be heard. Call, write or e-mail them.
2. Share your views on social media or with news outlets to spread the message.

Points to Remember
This tax change is a hit to the working families of Connecticut. 54.4% of Connecticut households have a pet and 65% consider the pet a family member. The AVMA states that pet ownership is equally spread amongst all income groups, meaning this change will impact all, not just upper income households.
Veterinary medical care is paid out of pocket and many families struggle to provide this care. An AVMA survey cites that 30% of households that did not seek medical care for their dog cited economic pressures.
This proposal will mean less care for the pets of Connecticut and will increase public health risks.

What should I write?
It is always better to write your thoughts in your own words. There is no perfect way to state things and the legislators will often skip over form letters. That being said, here are several examples to get you started:

My name is ________ and I live in __________, and I am writing to bring your attention to my opposition to the proposal to impose sales taxes on veterinary services. This change will financially harm working families, decrease the amount of care people can provide for their pets and will negatively impact public health.

I strongly advise you to vote against this proposal. The budget of closing the budget gap should not be placed on pet owners.

For a letter to send to your state representative. Download our PDF here.

Gather & Grow 2015


The Gather & Grow 2015 schedule is up!

Gather & Grow is an opportunity for the veterinary support team to gather together and share interests, ideas and good food; while growing their skills and knowledge through educational seminars and wet labs. Technicians, assistants and receptionists are welcome. There is no fee to attend and veterinary staff from all veterinary hospitals are invited!

All events begin at 6:30 PM. A light dinner will be provided along with an optional tour of Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center. The seminars will run from 7:00 – 8:00 PM.

Due to limited seating; we do request that you register in advance for the meeting. To register, you may fill out the contact form below, or call the Gather and Grow Coordinator at: (860) 347-8387.

View 2015 Schedule

Puppy Up Walk


‘It began with the promise to raise awareness of canine cancer one mile, one city, and one person at a time’ – Puppy Up!
Join our team for the Puppy Up! Walk in Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, CT.
Team name: Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center
Regsiter Here
The goal is to raise awareness and funds for canine cancer. The group also supports research focusing on the link between human and canine cancers. We’ll be there to answer questions and share info on cancer in pets!