Specialty Services

In human medicine, people are familiar with visiting specialists to handle specific health problems.   In veterinary medicine, a general practitioner may occasionally choose to refer a complex medical or surgical case to a veterinary specialist for more intensive diagnostic or treatment services.  The specialist staff of Pieper Memorial have studied extensively in their chosen fields and are skilled in the use of advanced diagnostic equipment that may be impractical for a general practice.

Onsite CT, MR and ultrasound units augment the standard X-Ray technology, allowing our specialists to acquire sophisticated images of your pet’s body to aid in the diagnostic  process.

Specialized endoscopy equipment allows non-invasive surgery options including rhinoscopy, bronchoscopy, gastrointestinal endoscopy, and arthroscopy.

Our onsite Antech laboratory is often able to process laboratory tests the same day, allowing for greater speed and efficiency in solving cases.

We also offer specialized surgeries in our state-of-the-art surgical suites. These suites include advanced anesthesia machines with ventilators, multi-parameter monitoring equipment, heated surgical tables,  warming devices, and many other aids to ensure the safety and comfort of our patients undergoing any procedure performed at Pieper Memorial.  In addition, our technical staff is headed by a certified veterinary technician boarded in anesthesiology to monitor procedures requiring anesthesia, further increasing the level of safety for our most critical patients.

To learn more about the individual specialties as well as our doctors and support staff, please select the heading for your desired department.


For all referrals other than dermatology:

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