Our Mission


Our core mission at Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center is to provide

around the clock compassionate and high quality veterinary care for pets. We also provide support and resources for primary care veterinarians, including emergency care, overnight monitoring, and specialty referral services.

To achieve this mission we emphasize these following four core values: advanced technology, teamwork and communication, owner support, and education.


Our specialists are trained to use the most up to date technology to diagnose and treat challenging cases. A CT scanner, MRI, ultrasound, and digital radiography including digital dental radiography, are available on premises to assist in diagnosing various neurological , surgical, dental or internal medicine cases. Endoscopy and arthroscopy enable our specialists to provide options for minimally invasive procedures.


With today’s advancements in veterinary diagnostics and treatments, we believe that the best outcome for a complicated patient is achieved when the primary care veterinarian is an intrinsic part of a dedicated team of diverse specialists, emergency doctors and trained staff members all working together to provide quality medicine, surgery, aftercare and follow-ups. Close communication among referral doctors utilizing the latest in computer technology to efficiently gather medical histories and send up to date reports as soon as available enables this close cooperation and provides seamless care to our patients.


Listening to, and supporting pet owners is valuable and necessary in caring for their pets. One on one time with patients’ owners to clarify treatment plans and options, prognosis, and expenses is emphasized. We also provide a safe, aesthetic, hospital environment that is enriching and comfortable to our clients during their visit.


In this modern age, continuing education of the entire team of veterinarians and staff members as well as owners is vital to remain at the forefront of new developments and therapies for pets. By sponsoring county wide professional and staff seminars, interactive rounds discussions, student training courses as well as pet owner classes and groups, Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center strives to provide information, opportunity and enrichment to the entire community.  Middlesex Community College is presently partnering with Pieper Memorial to offer a Certified Veterinary Assistant course with hopes for developing a full fledged Certified Veterinary Technician program in the near future.