Veterinary Sales Tax

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Adverse New Veterinary Service Sales Tax

Please contact your state representative regarding the possible new sales tax of 6.35% on all veterinary services. The sales tax will impact affordability of pet care by financially challenged pet owners and will lead to less than optimal veterinary care for many of our patients. Contact your representative today! For a letter to send to your state representative. Download our PDF here.

How much will the tax be?
The current sales tax in Connecticut is 6.35%. The proposal would lower the overall state tax down to 5.85% for all sales tax including veterinary services. However they will also add a 0.50% municipal sales tax which will bring the overall sales tax burden back to 6.35%. The legislature is saying they are cutting the state sales tax but are not mentioning the new municipal tax that cancels out the cut.

What can I do about this?
There are multiple ways you can have your voice heard and it critically important that you take a few minutes to reach out to legislators. This bill is expected to pass unless enough people speak up about it. Do not wait to take action, as it appears the legislature may try to push this proposal through quickly.
Action that you can take:
1. Contact your state legislators, both where you live and work. They are the ones who will have to vote on the bill and your voice should be heard. Call, write or e-mail them.
2. Share your views on social media or with news outlets to spread the message.

Points to Remember
This tax change is a hit to the working families of Connecticut. 54.4% of Connecticut households have a pet and 65% consider the pet a family member. The AVMA states that pet ownership is equally spread amongst all income groups, meaning this change will impact all, not just upper income households.
Veterinary medical care is paid out of pocket and many families struggle to provide this care. An AVMA survey cites that 30% of households that did not seek medical care for their dog cited economic pressures.
This proposal will mean less care for the pets of Connecticut and will increase public health risks.

What should I write?
It is always better to write your thoughts in your own words. There is no perfect way to state things and the legislators will often skip over form letters. That being said, here are several examples to get you started:

My name is ________ and I live in __________, and I am writing to bring your attention to my opposition to the proposal to impose sales taxes on veterinary services. This change will financially harm working families, decrease the amount of care people can provide for their pets and will negatively impact public health.

I strongly advise you to vote against this proposal. The budget of closing the budget gap should not be placed on pet owners.

For a letter to send to your state representative. Download our PDF here.